Adopt an Island

Please join us to keep Minnesota Power’s shorelines clean and safe.

The challenge of keeping almost 400 miles of shoreline clean and litter-free has increased along with the use of the reservoir system for public recreation. Minnesota Power’s Adopt an Island works in cooperation with the Minnesota DNR “Adopt a River” Program and volunteers to collect and properly dispose of trash. Our volunteers have collected more than 14,000 pounds of trash along Minnesota Power’s shorelines since 2011.

If you’d like to join the program, contact Dave Marciniak, land management specialist, at 218-393-8511 or

Volunteer awareness:

  • No boat required
  • One site inspection annually
  • If you choose to dispose of waste in your home garbage receptacle, please contact Minnesota Power with the collected weight.

Contact Minnesota Power if you encounter:

  • Unidentifiable or hazardous waste
  • Heavy or large quantities
  • Waste too dirty to transport
  • Erosion issue
  • Vandalism
  • Suspicious activities

Contact 911 emergency services if you encounter illegal activities.